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Facebook launches Camera, Stories and Direct

Facebook Camera in the news

On March 28, 2017, Facebook announced that it has globally launched a major update to its mobile app. The update includes three new ways to share videos and photos. In summary, the essence of Facebook camera, stories and direct is to let your camera do the talking.


Facebook Camera: This is accessible by swiping right from the Facebook News Feed. You can pick from a set of frames, masks, and other effects to help you create fun and personalized photos and videos.

Facebook Stories: This is a new posting format where you can post photos and videos from throughout your day. The photos and videos on the Facebook stories disappear after 24 hours.


Masks for Power Rangers (middle), Smurfs: The Lost Village (left) and Wonder Woman (right). Image source: Facebook

This is accessible on the top of your Facebook Newsfeed. You can make series of Facebook stories using the Facebook camera.

Facebook Direct: You can use this to send photos or videos directly to your friends that disappear your friend opens and see the message.

The Facebook direct is also available on the top of your news feed, just beside your Facebook stories. You can use the Facebook camera to make and send direct.

For more about Facebook Camera, Stories and Direct, check Facebook Newsroom

For me, these updates will make Facebook more social. I am already using the camera to make Facebook stories and to send direct photos on Facebook.

Image source: Facebook Newsroom

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