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28 Amazing Business Solutions when Business is Bad

Business problems do exist. As sure as that is, so are amazing business solutions. I’m sure you are reading this so that you can know how to solve the problems facing your business. The truth is, even if your business is not facing problems, you need to know what to do to avoid that. In this article/post, you will learn the things to do that will help your business productivity. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why ONLY 1% of Nigerians Really Make Money Online

The topic of making money online is the most popular topic you hear all around the web, especially in Nigeria. Why is this topic so popular? Because the idea seems super easy. You just sit down before your laptop, work for 2 hours a day (as some people promise) and get money into your bank account. This obviously is not so. The second reason why making money online is a very popular topic is because it`s very easy to lie on the internet. “Hey, I make $500 every week. If you can pay me xxx, I will teach you my secret”, even while I’ve never made $50. Only 1% of people who try to make money online in Nigeria ever made good money and why is this so? Continue reading

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