Building an Email List Cash Generating Machine for Profits

There are many ways to generate cash online legitimately. One of such ways is through building an email list cash generating machine, that pumps you profit like an ATM when you need cash. This is an email marketing business model you can build. This business model is what many internet entrepreneurs use to generate cash when they need it. They spent time building the machine. They just need to repeat the process anytime they need cash without reinventing the wheel. As good as this sounds to you, the truth is, it requires a lot hard and smart work from you. However, once you get it, it becomes easier for you to use repeatedly.

The first thing you should do is to offer a high-quality product/service at a low price. Obviously, if you want the high-quality and low-price product/service to sell well, it should be a product/service that is valuable to those who you want to sell it to. Don't just look for a product/service and then look for people to sell it to. Start your process of offering a high-quality product/service by determining what does on your email list values and will gladly pay for.

You have an email list which is not a dumping ground. Your email list should be a type of your community that you relate effectively with. Your email list is not just a compilation of email addresses. There are real people who own those email addresses. You need to treat them with respect and see them as people who joined your email list because they expect you to offer them something of value. Once you get this clear, coming up with a high-quality product/service at a low price won't be so difficult.

How to Determine the Valuable Product/Service to Offer

If you want to build an email list cash generating machine, then you need to find what to do to make your email list generate cash for you. The cash you will generate is tied to the valuable product/service you offer. No valuable product/service to offer, no cash to generate. Which means no money to make. Also, you can't develop a valuable product/service if you don't know what people really need, want or desire.

To find the valuable product/service to offer, you should first know what those on your email list really need, want or desire. The good thing is, if you have a quality relationship with those on your email list, you can ask them what they need, want or desire. They'll reply you with answers that you can use to come up with the high-quality product/service.

Of course, all the people in your email list won't reply you with the same answer. People's need, want or desire varies based on some hidden influences. So, when you get various answers, don't get confused. Use the varying answers on what they need to come up with multi-featured product/service. The multi-feature is what will make what you offer a valuable and high-quality product/service.

Now, you may ask, "how will I then offer the high-quality product at a low price?" I need you to know that "low price" is relative. The price you consider as low may be too high from some of the people on your email list. The same low price may be very low for others. You can't control this but what you can do is to know what it will cost you to provide the high-quality product and have it delivered to those who will buy it.

Also, you need to decide how much you want to earn on each sale. The low price would then be an addition of the cost and the profit you want to earn. If this results in a price lower than the worth of the value you will give, then that's a good price. If not, you may need to recalculate the profit you want to earn on each sale or find a way to reduce the cost of developing and delivering the product/service.

In building an email list cash generating machine, the second thing to do is to develop an irresistible sales page. For this, you will need a very good copywriting skill or you can hire a freelance copywriter to help you. I'll discuss more this in a follow-up article to this one.

Before we get to the second thing, go ahead and start coming up with ideas for the type of high-quality product/service you want to offer your email list. However, if you want to hasten the processes required to have an email list cash generating machine. You can have this done without waiting for the followup posts. Please let me know via a contact message or a comment on this post. I'll take you through the remaining processes.



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