Adesoji Adegbulu

6 Questions to Help with Effective Goal Planning

We all have goals to accomplish. No matter how little the goal may look. Your goal might be to help others succeed (like I do). Your goal might be as common as washing your teeth tomorrow morning after waking up. For such goals (little or big), there is a need for effective goal planning.

It’s easier to set goals but it takes extra effort to plan your goals. Goals are much more achieved if they have been moved from goal setting to goal planning. Here is a list of questions to help you with effective goal planning:

1. What is the specific work required to achieve your goal?
2. What resources do you need to help you succeed?
3. What is your action plan to achieve this goal?
4. What time and money investment is actually required?
5. What should your weekly schedule look like to support achieving this goal?
6. What obstacles will you face and how will you respond?

In planning your goals, make sure you find answers to the 6 questions above. The answers will help you in fulfilling your goals successfully.