4 Best Practices for Creating Effective Ads

Do you know how to create effective ads for your brand's products and services? Since advertising is king, this is one thing you should know how to do. This is because you will need to advertise your business products and services if you want to reach your existing customers or you want to expand your reach and get new customers.

In this article, you will find the best practices you should know and do for your advertising efforts.

1. Connect your ads with your keywords

Make sure you include at least two of your targeted keywords in your ad text (description and landing page). This would help your potential customers discover that your ad is relevant to what they're looking for. Please, don't include too many keywords in your ads.

2. Deliver your Unique Selling Point

What makes your product or service different from your competitors? As you are planning to create an effective ad, your competitors are also doing the same. What advantage do you have over your competitors that will make your target audience buy from you and not your competitors? If you know your unique selling point, make sure you deliver that clearly in your advert landing page.

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3. Tell your target audience what to do with your ads

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, make sure you tell people how they can buy your products or get your services. State it clearly in your advert if you want people to make a purchase, call you, get a quote or get a trial version. Let the actions they need to take be as clear as possible.

4. Make your Banner/Text Ads mobile compatible

Mobile is the new internet. Mobile is the new normal. No matter where you place your banner ads or text ads, make sure it is designed to fit for mobile screens. The chances are that 7 out of 10 people will see your ads on their mobile device. You can make your ads compatible for mobile devices by including a phone number people can reach you on. Also, send mobile visitors to mobile-optimized landing pages.

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Reading about creating an effective ad is not enough. You need to put these into practice while testing and improving on these.


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    1. Hussein,

      The message in this post is that all business (wholesale or retail) needs advertising and I presented the best practices for advertising effectively.

      As a retailer brand, you need advertising. The way you go about advertising depends on what you want to achieve. If for example you have a fashion store and your purpose for advertising is to sell some products, then create ads to sell the products you want to sell while putting the tips in this post into practice.

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