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Be Warned, Bloggers! Publishing Sponsored Posts on Your Blog

Bloggers and online publishers, here is what you need to know about publishing sponsored posts on your blog.

No doubt, publishing sponsored posts on your blog is one of the smart ways to make money online. Lots of bloggers who have a measure of authority in a particular niche do this regularly. They use it as an online business model to generate income from their blogs. I also do this successfully on the Money Blog (this blog). In addition, I’ve been preaching the model to the readers of this blog. I wrote on why they should use sponsored posts model to make money blogging. However, I have not published anything about this important warning. Every blogger who makes money via sponsored/review posts should know and do this.


Warning about Publishing Sponsored Posts on your Blog

According to the “Best practices for bloggers reviewing free products they receive from companies” published by Google’s Webspam team in March 2016. You need to take note of the following warnings in order to be compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

1. Use the Nofollow tags on links/URLs. Use the tag on links which take readers back to the brand’s site. Using Dofollow tags in exchange for payment are against Google guidelines on link schemes. These are not organic links. You need to “Nofollow” the links/URLs. Bloggers are advised to use the Nofollow tag on all such links.

2. Disclose the relationship. In the sponsored post, let your users know they’re reading/viewing a sponsored content. Also, you can follow the online web publishing guidelines specific to the country you are reading this from. posting Bloggers are advised to disclose the relation at the top of the content, in case users don’t read the entire sponsored post. You can write something like, “Sponsored Content” on the first line of the post and briefly disclose why you are posting the content.

And of course…

3. Create compelling, unique content

The most successful blogs offer their visitors a compelling reason to come back. As a blogger, you should try to become the go-to source of information in your topic area, cover a useful niche that few others are looking at, or provide exclusive content that only you can create due to your unique expertise or resources.

In addition to these, you also need to

4. Use hashtags such as #sponsored, #ad, #advertising when sharing the sponsored posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
5. Don’t post fake reviews. Stay authentic! Don’t give raving endorsements of a product or service you don’t like, just because it is paid for.

You may ask, why do I need to do this? What if the brand does not want people to know that the post was sponsored? My question is are you running a blogging business (Business blogging) or just blogging? If you are running a business on your blog and you want it to last, then you need to do what will keep your blog see by your potential clients. Not adhering to the warnings by Google Webspam (the Federal Trade Commission and consumer policy), means you want to run your blogging business to a halt.


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How to Increase the Views on Your Facebook Video Ads

People are creating, posting and interacting with more videos on Facebook. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, the amount of video from people and businesses on News Feed has increased 3.6 times. You should already be sharing videos on your Facebook Page and promoting them with Facebook video ads can drive awareness and ultimately sales. With over 50% growth in video viewing on Facebook, businesses like yours are driving awareness and sales with Facebook video adverts.


Top 3 Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads
1. Be at the centre of daily discovery: People tend to prefer watching a video than reading an advert.
2. Show your video to more people who matter to you: You can target real people based on their interests, behaviours, age, gender and location.
3. Reach people across devices: Video adverts work across desktop, tablet and mobile. In fact, people spend more time on Facebook than on all other major mobile properties combined.

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How to Create a Facebook Video Advert

From your Facebook Page, click the arrow in the top-right corner and choose “Create Adverts”. Then select “Get Video Views” to start. Make sure you set your targeting, budget and schedule. Also, select the interests, behaviours, location, age and gender of the audience you want to reach. After which you need to set your budget and schedule. Choose your video by either uploading a new video or use one from your video library and select a thumbnail image. Add text. Write a clear and simple message that encourages your audience to view your video. If you face a problem, you can ask me for help.

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How to Increase the Views of Your Facebook Video Ads

1. Upload videos directly to Facebook: Directly uploaded videos perform better and provide a better experience for people than videos from other websites.
2. Use the new video views objective: The video views objective automatically optimises your video to show it to the people who are most likely to view it on Facebook. This increases your reach to more people and also improve the efficiency for your video adverts.Use the video views objective to show your video to people most likely to view it on Facebook
3. Video Insight: Use the video metrics in Page Insights and Ads Reporting to see which parts of your video are most and least engaging to people. Work more on doing the things that gets your followers engaged and you will increase the views.

Will you set up a Facebook Video Ads today?


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