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Don’t Give Up On Your Faith

We live in a world where everything you are spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally or physically attached to tends to push you into situations where you always feel like giving up. The truth is, that is how life is designed. Life is designed to bring out your worth. Will you give up or stay strong? Naturally, we tend to give up BUT we can hold on to faith. I desire that you don’t give up on your faith. Continue reading

How to Be an Achiever

The essence of your existence is to achieve one thing or the other. This is simply to tell you that you are going to be accountable for all that happens in your life and what you make happen for others. If I were to weigh what you have achieved so far on a scale of ten, where will you be? 4, 6 or 8 or even 10? What do you think you would get? You need to know what it takes to be an achiever. Continue reading

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