Deciding: Resolute when Making Decisions

The ability to decide is one of the most important things any human can have. We make decisions every day. This can be a decision about the simple things in life or about the complex ones.

Most times when we make decisions, we chose an option and we may never know what the alternative could be. Therefore, we do have to make the right decision as much as possible and then stick to it with full responsibility.

Deciding involves weighing things up and reaching a decision. People with this ability manages to make the right decision in complex situations. They are also careful and yet resolute when making decisions.

“Deciding” as a Competency

People with a high level of this ability will be careful and yet resolute when making decisions. They use the available information in a balanced manner. However, sometimes they might take or be given excessive responsibility. People with a low level will have trouble weighing up complex issues and making a decision. They will sometimes have persistent doubts and ultimately make a decision they go on to regret.

A high level of this competency is useful when it is highly required to make very important but complicated decisions. For example, judges, directors, or interim managers are required to have a high-level of this competency.

How Can you Develop this Competency?

There are many ways to go about this. However, here are three tips you can start with right now.

  • make a habit of using both your reasoning and your feelings, but also look out for irrational arguments.
  • seek out a devil’s advocate who will be critical about those arguments.
  • constantly evaluate your decisions.

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