Together, We Can Crush Corruption

World leaders will meet in London, U.K in just two weeks (May 12, 2016) for a crucial ANTI-CORRUPTION Summit. They must take action to crush corruption by stopping the dodgy dealings that keep people poor everywhere.

Do you want to crush corruption? If yes, join us in signing the petition and make your voice heard by world leaders during the anti-corruption summit.

The petition reads:

Dear World Leaders,
Please sign up to a Fair Play Standard – a set of concrete measures for greater transparency that will help stop the dodgy dealings that keeps people trapped in poverty – and end the Trillion Dollar Scandal.

Every year, a trillion dollars leaves developing countries through a web of corrupt activity. It’s time for urgent action and NOW is the best moment to do it.

Sign the petition and ask other people you know to do the same. We need only 100,000 signers.

We can crush corruption. It is a scandal that keeps people trapped in poverty and demands your action now! Please join me in signing the petition to tell world leaders to sign up to the Fair Play Standard – a set of concrete measures for greater transparency – and end the Trillion Dollar Scandal.

If we work together to crush corruption we could provide the money to educate an additional 10 million children each year.



Governments from all over the world made strong commitments at the Anti-Corruption Summit in London. If fully implemented, these promises will make a real difference to the fight against poverty by shining a light on the corrupt. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but we made great progress thanks to your support.

THANK YOU for adding your voice to help crush corruption – we made sure you were heard by the people in power!


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  1. Corruption will truly be the death of us. Our voices need to get louder. Excellent post, thank you for this.

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