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The Price of Copywriting Services

In the freelance world, it is very hard to evaluate the price for copywriting services since each project is custom-made. However, if you consider some factors to determine how you will charge a client, you can have a lucrative business out of copywriting services. The first thing you need to do is to do some research on the latest copywriting rates from different online sites. Compare the prices. Most online sites for freelance copywriters have a list of prices depending on the nature of the project. At most, the rate is per page or per word. There are also projects which have a rate of bulk order. Some clients need a continuous supply of contents to update their websites, and they will pay the copywriter either weekly or monthly based on the agreement or the copywriting contract. Continue reading

The Art of Successful Selling

Continuing from The Number 1 Skill You Need to Really Make Money Online. You should make sure you read it before proceeding to read this part 2 which contains the details on successful selling. With this art, you would be able to “sell ice to Eskimos”, “sell sand to a Mexican”, or “sell Myspace to Mark Zuckerberg”. The point here is, you would find the things you need to do to make selling easier for you to do. The only way you should not read this second part is if you already know the exact content of this post.

1. Know who you are dealing with.

Amateurs would go on and on about how great the product is when writing the sales material, but a more enlightened salesman knows the material should be about the prospect. How do you write to and about someone you know nothing about? It’s impossible. You don’t want to risk guessing. So you do your background check (or research) on your target. Get to know both personal basic facts (demographic data) and psycho-graphic facts about him. Demographic; age, sex, education, etc. Psychographic; interest, fears, beliefs, desires, dreams, etc.

Let’s assume we’ve done our research on our prospect and we find the following; Continue reading

The Number 1 Skill You Need to Really Make Money Online

This is a guest post by Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a professional copywriter, a web content consultant and a long time reader of MMO.NG. You too can submit your guest post via Guest Post Submission and review

I remember a part of a letter written by the legendary bestselling author Robert Ringer that I’m very fond of – and which applies to almost every entrepreneur, whether online or offline. Robert recalled a friend of his commenting that “There are no guarantees in either life. No matter how great your ideas and no matter how well you execute them, you can still end up broke.” Sounds typical? Well, it does, at least to me. You get this spark of a big idea. It looks divine and God-inspired, “Eureka!” You then put all your efforts into executing it and you still end up failing – or broke. Continue reading

How to Write a Great Advert that Get Signups

A good advert that get signups needs a good subject line that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. When a headline makes you curious, do you read it? You can cause curiosity by asking questions such as “Have you heard?” or “What’s this?”, etc. You can use negative subject lines like “You just lost money”, or “Stop being fooled”, etc. Negative lines work because of all the negative news we hear every day. We are conditioned to them. Continue reading

Mordern Marketing: Creating Contents that Converts

In the age of information abundance, you’re constantly competing with other sources, including your competition, for a prospect’s attention. In order to come out on top, your content must stand out. Here are four ways to ensure that your content does just that. These would help you start creating contents that converts and bring you more sales. Continue reading

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