The Best of 2016: Content Marketing Strategies

In continuation of the best of 2016 series, here are the top contents on content marketing strategies published on this blog in 2016. If you didn’t get the earlier best of 2016, you can read them via the links below.

The Best of 2016: Affiliate Marketing Strategies
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What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

If you want to drive profitable customer actions for your business, then you need a content strategy plan. You need to design a content marketing strategy framework for the products and services you offer via your blog.


How to Create a Content Strategy?

The best posts on 2016 on content marketing strategies will give answers to these. So, I would not need to duplicate the contents here. Below are the best posts of 2016.


Top Content Marketing Strategies

1. Creating a Working Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

A lot of businesses do content marketing but not every business understands the content marketing strategy to make it work or do it correctly. Every business is quite dynamic and stylishly unique in its own ways. Some businesses may have closely related but different marketing and individual goals. However, having similar goals with a given company doesn’t guarantee that your own company can thrive on a single content marketing strategy. Your business’s content marketing strategy needs to be built on a documented strategy to clearly guide and ease your content marketing efforts. [Continue Reading]

2. How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Growth

Content marketing is the present and perhaps the future of marketing for businesses. It is the proven modern-day working marketing strategy. It can help any business achieve its overall objectives. Are you wondering why? Or you are not sure about this? Let’s put this in perspective so you can understand better.. [Continue Reading]

3. 3 Types of Contents that Sells even When Your are Not Selling

Do you want to sell more via your blogs and your online platforms? One of the best ways to do that is to post contents that sells. No, I don’t mean you should spam your readers and your friends with something that always show you only care about yourself. If you want a lasting return, then the contents that sells should be contents that are valuable to anyone who uses it. [Continue Reading]

4. Make Money Online by Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

A subject matter expert (SME), or a thought leader, provides knowledge and expertise in a given subject area. As a subject matter expert, your job might be to make sure that the content on a particular subject is completely accurate. An SME typically comes from academic, technical and vocational fields, but with no specific degree is required. Which means, a subject matter expert, what is required is your expertise in a field. And to make money, you need to be able to create business opportunities from what people really need in the field you are an expert in. [Continue Reading]

These are just four (4) out of the many content marketing strategies we published on this blog in 2016. We also have contents on content marketing strategies published previous years but which are evergreen. You can check them out via the topics on content marketing.

Make sure you read through our best content marketing strategies for 2016. If there’s anything you want clarification on or need help with, you can always make a comment on any of the articles you read. We’ll be glad to help you effectively so you could make the best out of blogging today and in the coming days.


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