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Nigeria is mine. Nigeria is yours. There are no two things about that. Take it or leave it. If you say Nigeria is not yours, I will assume you are from another country or from another planet. But if you are a Nigerian by Nationality, then Nigeria is yours. If you were given birth too in any place within Nigeria, you are a Nigerian. If your biological father or mother is a Nigerian, you are a Nigerian. I can continue on and on but you know that you are a Nigerian.

Now, would you confess what you want to see happen over Nigeria? I implore you to please do the confession further below with your body, spirit and soul. I got the confession from one of my pastor friend. He read it immediately after the choir's ministration.

Here we go...

It's a new season
It's the dawn of a New Era
We declare that Nigeria is the Lord's
And the fullness thereof

We are a strong people
And a great Nation
And God's purpose is coming to pass in our lives
Our God is working everything out
After the counsel of His will

We declare that the ruler-ship of God
Is revealed through the judiciary, the legislative
And the executive arms of government
The fear of God permeates everywhere
Godly leaders emerge
And those who stand up for righteousness and integrity multiply

God's wisdom is revealed in our leadership
At all levels and our resources, both human and natural
Are utilized for the benefit of all.
It's a season of prosperity and increased possibilities
Things are working in Nigeria

We declare the peace of God in our nation
And an end of violence and strife in our communities
No weapon formed or fashioned against Nigeria will be able to prosper
And every gathering and counsel that is not of God shall be confounded

The profit of the earth in this new dispensation
Gravitates towards me
I am connected to relationships of destiny
I declare that I am strategically positioned for opportunities
That will take me to the next level
And my capacity is enlarged daily

My influence is spreading far and wide
And the works of my hands enjoys favour
From known and unknown quarters
My solutions are preferred
And I stand in places of honor.
This is my Season. This is my time! (continue saying this until you are tired)

If you like this confession, feel free to share it on your blog and with your friends on all social networking sites you are a part of. Let's get the word out and make Nigerian a pride of the nations.


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