Coffee Fast: Does Humanity Runs on Coffee?

I have had my fair share of coffee and I deserve a series of coffee fast. From the bad tasting ones to the ones you never want to do away with. From the home-brewed coffees to the over-priced ones at different coffee shops. I am certain that you also have had your share of coffee drinks. Especially if you are from the world's leading coffee consuming countries. For example, in the US, 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day. 26% of adults drink only one cup, while 11% drinks at least four cups on a daily basis. All of these results in 280.5 million cups of coffee per day.


Image by Nathan Dumlao

I used to drink at least 4 cups of coffee per week but I decided to put an end to that in 2019. I made a resolution to give up coffee for more water. As you may know, water is cheaper and healthier. However, coffee isn't because of its dark sides. One of such dark sides is that there may be harmful effects if not consumed in moderation. Also, coffee production has been linked to slavery and child labor. Although, this is changing for the better. The upside of coffee is way more than the downside of coffee. You can check Harvard's School of Public Health article on the benefits of coffee on health.

3 months into the year 2019, I broke my resolution. Just like every other baseless resolution. I realised that I didn’t have a strong reason for going on coffee fast. Even at that, I was not resolute about my planned coffee fast.

Funny thing is, I just finished 3 cups of home-brewed coffee while writing this on the iPhone's notes app.

Here I am sitting with people around me but putting down this so it could make sense to me. And the sense is that, if I truly want to go put an end to my relationship with coffee, then I need to make sure I replace coffee with something else. What could that be? More water? More chocolate drink? More juice. Can’t really say! But what I’m going to do is to reduce the amount of coffee I drink on a daily basis. To do this, I have resolved to take only home-brewed coffee. You know, that black coffee with no sugar no cream. Or sometimes with sugar and milk


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