Climate Change Map: Best and Worst Places to Live

Climate change experts have released maps of the world revealing how prepared different countries are to cope with the effects of climate change. In the maps, 192 countries are ranked by their ‘vulnerability’ and ‘readiness’, to produce an overall judgement on their fate. The results reveal that Scandinavian countries and the UK are among the most likely to survive – but areas of sub-Saharan Africa will be hardest hit.

The maps were created by London-based company The Eco Experts, using data from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, known as the ND-Gain Index. Countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark score well on the scale. But places like Central America, Africa and India all appear at risk from natural disaster – and are poorly equipped to cope, said The Eco Experts. Jon Whiting, of The Eco Experts warned: ‘Hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, droughts and flooding are all real dangers for some of these areas, and this is compounded by a lack of national strategy to counteract the effects.’ Burundi, Chad, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo produced some of the lowest scores, meaning these countries will be the biggest victims of weather disasters.


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  1. forgeting the north part of the Mediterranean… because the projections are not that “green” for that part od the Mediterranean basin

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