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It's almost a year ago I did the Career Lessons interview on Twitter with the host - Sam Semako. Precisely, this "Career Lessons" interview was conducted on Twitter on Sunday 10th, August 2014 at 7pm (in Nigeria). I first met with Sam Semako on Twitter while doing my weekend tweets on #TwitterMarket (Saturdays) and #TweetChurch (Sundays). The weekend tweets has been paused for some months. I'll probably be re-starting them. Anyways, here is the content of the interview. I hope you'll learn something from it.


ADESOJI ADEGBULU: I am an ordinary human being with an extraordinary way of living. This means, I put others first before me. I love seeing people live the life they imagine for themselves. I’m passionate about seeing people’s businesses, and nations succeed. My dream is to see other people’s dreams fulfilled. Since my dream is to see other people’s dreams fulfilled, I go the extra mile to make that happen. That’s not easy.

People find it hard to understand me some times because I keep a lot of things to myself while making things happen.

SAM SEMAKO: Tell us THREE (3) things we don’t know about you.

1. I don’t talk too much but I’m not a complete introvert.
2. I read a lot.
3. I’m not easily influenced.

SAM SEMAKO: Where and where have you worked before now?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: I’ve never had a regular “job”. I may not be able to mention names of companies but I’ve been gainfully employed (and self employed). I’ve been developing my career in the areas of agriculture, business and technology before now. I’ve worked with some private and public companies not as a regular employee but on consultation basis.

SAM SEMAKO: What do you do now?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: Now, I own Mavens Network through which I add values, develop things, explore ideas, start fires, open doors, join hands & inspire excellence everyday. If you check those, you’ll see A.D.E.S.O.J.I as the first letters. I do and incorporate who I am for Mavens Network because people look for humans to relate with. Basically, I bring about solutions to problems in the area of agriculture, water, business and technology.

SAM SEMAKO: Give us 7 #CareerLessons you have learned from your experience.

1. Never start a career you don’t love.
2. Never start a career you can’t finish.
3. A Career is not about how much you make but how much you are developed.
4. Don’t get into a career because you see it as the only option you have.
5. If your career is not getting you ahead and it’s not developing you, kill it before it kills you.
6. Don’t work for the “devil” simply because the pay is high. You may end up paying back with your life.
7. Minimize your expenses and save towards the days you may lose your job.

SAM SEMAKO: What is one thing you will share with an undergraduate?

An excellent undergraduate starts with the end in mind. The end justifies the means. Find out what the end result of the study you want to embark on will be. Then use that (or those) as your driving force. Life after school requires much more from you.

SAM SEMAKO: What is one thing you will say to a graduate?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: Welcome to the real school of life where tests/exams precedes classes/lectures. You’ll face oppositions, but never give up on your dreams. Dreams do come true for those who believe.

SAM SEMAKO: What is one thing you will say to someone who wants to be self employed?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: There is no reason for becoming self employed if you have not “outgrown” your present state of an employee. And if you have outgrown that state, then you need to increase your business intelligence. Also, take time to network a lot with other business persons.

SAM SEMAKO: Name 3 books that have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

1. The Bible
2. Business Books
3. Financial statements (books)

SAM SEMAKO: Name 3 people who have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

1. Jesus. How can a 13 year old boy know so much about his dreams?
2. My mum. She influenced me in so many ways which helped me be a better person.
3. Deolu Akinyemi has been one of the major influence on my financial intelligence.

SAM SEMAKO: Given opportunity to start all over again, what will you do differently?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: Nothing really. I’ll do nothing differently if there is no change in the situation of things as they were. But if the situation of things changes, I’ll network with more people & build systems to make my work easier & faster.

SAM SEMAKO: What will you like those present here on #CareerLessons hangout to do for you?

• Be the best they can be. Duplicate/multiply themselves. Learn something new everyday
• Nothing is too small. A seed doesn’t become a tree. A seed is a tree

SAM SEMAKO: Name 3 people you will REALLY like to meet (get linked up with).

1. Stan Lee
2. Aliko Dangote
3. Mark Zuckerberg

SAM SEMAKO: Can you tell us WHY you will like to meet these people?

• Stan Lee, because of his creativity in writing, publishing and producing
• Aliko Dngote, because of his creativity in business and improving national economy.
• Mark Zuckerberg, because of his passion for productivity.

SAM SEMAKO: What are your 3 QUESTIONS for those on #CareerLessons Hangout today?

1. Can you live your best life for 6 straight months if you have no active income coming in?
2. What lessons are you learning from your failures/defeats?
3. What will you do if you know you can’t fail?

SAM SEMAKO: THANK YOU friends for MAKING this #CareerLessons Hangout a SUCCESS! Let’s do it AGAIN next SUNDAY, 7PM.

SAM SEMAKO: How can we contact you? Can we also have your websites and blogs?

ADESOJI ADEGBULU: Anyone interested can find me on, and

Comments from participants:

FASORANTI DAMILOLA (@FashDami): Thanks @careerwisenig for hosting @AdesojiAdegbulu tonight. #CareerLesson’s a great sucess. Awesome Lifetime Lessons.
OBONGETTE (@Ernoff_world): Thank you @AdesojiAdegbulu for your time… Thanks @careerwisenig for putting this together! I learnt loads! #CareerLessons
KELVIN WEALTH (@kelwealth1): Thanks for the great insights @AdesojiAdegbulu at #CareerLessons. God bless you.”
ENIOLA ADEBAYO(@enioalaadebayo): @careerwisenig @AdesojiAdegbulu #CareerLessons Thank you sir for adding value to us tonight
MICHAEL NWANGWA (@smithnwangwa): @careerwisenig @AdesojiAdegbulu Thank you. Was worth the time. God bless u.
@sirfarouk_: Thank you @careerwisenig, @AdesojiAdegbulu and the entire #CareerLessons. God bless you.
DANIEL ILEMONA MUSA (@dimbiz): @AdesojiAdegbulu @careerwisenig “if you fail, stand up and continue. We all need to be failing forward.”
DAYO SAMUEL (@iamDayoSamuel): Nice work done on #CareerLESSONS last night. Just read them now. I commend A.D.E.S.O.J.I lingo @AdesojiAdegbulu


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