Adesoji Adegbulu

The Future of Car Shopping is Moving Online

car shopping

According to the present-day car shopping statistics by Think With Google, 92% of recent (in 2018) car buyers in the US research online before they buy. These people research lifestyle fit, features, price range, etc.

And most importantly, they research video. In particular, test drive videos. These videos may replace the need to see the car in person. A particular type of video technology is driving this – the 360° video. 64% of shoppers who watch these types of videos to inform their purchase end up convinced to buy a car they researched without a test drive.

Which Categories of Videos Influences Car Shopping?

  1. Commercials
  2. : These have long been the primary video category for auto brands.

  3. Highlights
  4. : interesting vehicles, racing, and road footage, and also feature driving “fails” or cool tricks.

  5. Maintenance
  6. : providing step-by-step explanations of specific types of vehicle maintenance or repair – interior work and exterior styling.

  7. Digital Film
  8. : long-form, narrative-driven content pieces with cler attempts at storytelling.

  9. Vlogs
  10. : ‘video logs’ where people provide personal perspectives on auto-related topics.

  11. Educational
  12. : general videos providing educational content about driving and automotive news and history. They include buying guides, car shopping advice, etc.

  13. Reviews
  14. : focus on specific vehicle or comparison between similar vehicles. They include a detailed walk-through of features and a test drive.

What Can Auto-makers do?

There are many things automakers can do. They can capitalize on the categories of videos they are not using at the moment so as to take viewers on virtual journeys in a fun and captivating way. Most especially the video test drives (reviews) and highlights.

Auto brands can use the 360° video test drives to give people the opportunity to experience any car they want in different situations. Doing this helps the users to find a fit between the car and their lifestyle. This, in turn, can generate more sales and create more loyal customers for the auto brand.

These quality videos can be created in partnership with the already existing access to dealerships, showroom floors, auto shows, etc so as to let viewers or car shoppers in on new products and drive interests as early as possible.

No doubt, online content drives sales. Auto brands can take advantage of this while creating more value for car shoppers.