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Successful Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

To be successful (earn a lot of money) with affiliate marketing, you need to know and do the successful strategies for promoting products as an affiliate. The strategies need to be implemented by you either you promote other people’s (or a company’s) product or service for a percentage commission on each sale. These successful strategies are what successful affiliate marketers use. And, there’s nothing stopping you from knowing and using them as well.

As you may have known already, first, you need to find a product/service you like, use it, promote it to others via your platforms, and then earn a commission for each sale that you make. However, between finding a product/service to promote and earning commissions, the strategies you’ll find in this post are what you should do to make much more commissions. Continue reading

Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

“What is entrepreneurship? Is it a destination or a journey? To me, entrepreneurship is an attitude” – York Zucchi, healthcare entrepreneur and venture capitalist

entrepreneurship is an attitude

A young female tailor and aspiring entrepreneur – Tania Habimana, travels across Africa making suits for established business people – she uses this opportunity as a way to interview, gain insights and advice from Africans who have made it both in and out of Africa. Continue reading

Accept Naira Payments with KongaPay

KongaPay is a payment solution that allows users to perform one-click payments on the Konga marketplace. Every time a customer triggers a transaction, the bank used sends a secure authorization code to the customer’s registered mobile number. The authorised code is then used during the transaction. Anyone with a bank account and a registered mobile phone number can use Konga Pay. There is no need for internet banking. Continue reading

Freelancing: The Online Business that Might Interest You

Freelancing is an online business you might be interested in. Even though you hear that people are pumping thousands, even millions from the internet via different online business. You hear about eBay, Etsy, Amazon affiliate marketing, and forex trading. You hear all that, but perhaps, none of these appeals to you. Here is the one online business that might interest you: freelance writing business. Continue reading

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