10 Best Countries to Become a Social Entrepreneur



Polling Results

  • 5th for Government Support i.e. Government policy supports social entrepreneurs.
  • 31st for Attracting Skilled Staff i.e. It is easy for social entrepreneurs to attract staff with the required skills.
  • 10th for Public Understanding i.e. The general public understands what social entrepreneurs do.
  • 5th for Making a Living i.e. Social entrepreneurs can make a living from their work in the country.
  • 4th for Gaining Momentum i.e. Social Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum.
  • 2nd for Access to Investment i.e. It is easy for social entrepreneurs to access debt and/or equity investment.


“Social entrepreneurship is growing fast in Belgium, thanks to growing peer-learning and opportunities to develop faster, smarter and more solid enterprises.”

Karen Hiergens, Community & communication officer, Sociale Innovatiefabriek

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