10 Best Countries to Become a Social Entrepreneur



Polling Results

  • 4th for Government Support i.e. Government policy supports social entrepreneurs.
  • 9th for Attracting Skilled Staff i.e. It is easy for social entrepreneurs to attract staff with the required skills.
  • 13th for Public Understanding i.e. The general public understands what social entrepreneurs do.
  • 8th for Making a Living i.e. Social entrepreneurs can make a living from their work in the country.
  • 11th for Gaining Momentum i.e. Social Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum.
  • 4th for Access to Investment i.e. It is easy for social entrepreneurs to access debt and/or equity investment.


“It’s easier for social businesses to attract younger people than for large corporations, which was not the case 10 years ago. Yet, youngsters take experience and change easily jobs, leaving social businesses without resources. The job turnover is huge and social businesses spend too much time recruiting instead of having an impact.”

Majid El Jarroudi, Executive Director, Agence pour la Diversité Entrepreneuriale (Adive)

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