DMARC Policy

How GMail’s DMARC Policy may Hurt Your Email Marketing Prowess

You will need to understand what DMARC policy is if you do email marketing. In addition...
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make money online with jumia nigeria

6 Ways to Increase your Jumia Affiliate Revenue

If you are an affiliate marketer with Jumia, the content in this post will show you...
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7 Reasons Why We Like to Make Money. Reason #3 is the Best

We all like money to make money for different reasons. If I were to ask you...
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customer relationship management

Business Skills: Customer Relationship Management

We spend a lot of time trying to get prospects to our business blogs, making sure...
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generate consistent traffic

How to Generate Traffic by Giving Away Products

When giving away free products, you should always be mindful of your final objective: to generate...
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Online Advertising Sales

3 Factors Affecting Online Advertising Sales

There are many factors that affects online advertising sales. Some of these factors include the website’s...
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Mobile internet users

How Mobile Internet affects Doing Business in Nigeria

With sub-US$50 smartphones on the way, rapid improvements to telecom infrastructure, and the availability of affordable...
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facebook instant articles

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress

Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables news bloggers and content marketers to...
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studiopress themes

Get the StudioPress Theme of the Month

Another StudioPress theme for this month is here! Are you hungry for your next WordPress theme?...
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Crush corruption

Together, We Can Crush Corruption

World leaders will meet in London, U.K in just two weeks (May 12, 2016) for a...
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Safe of Twitter

3 Tools to Keep Yourself Safe on Twitter

Keeping yourself safe on Twitter is one of the most important thing to do daily. As...
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Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

“What is entrepreneurship? Is it a destination or a journey? To me, entrepreneurship is an attitude”...
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