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How to Solve Urban Water Drought Crisis

Our grandparents’ generation created an amazing system of canals and reservoirs that made it possible for people to live in places where there wasn’t a lot of water. For example, during the Great Depression, they created the Hoover Dam, which in turn, created Lake Mead and made it possible for the cities of Las Vegas and Phoenix and Los Angeles to provide water for people who lived in a really dry place. Continue reading

Water Hero: App for Water Saving in the US

At a time of unprecedented drought in large parts of the U.S., it’s surprising how much water we still waste. The Environmental Protection Agency says the average home loses 10,000 gallons per year and that 10% of homes lose 90 gallons a day, or more than 30,000 gallons a year. Most people have little idea how much water their home uses and how that compares with their neighbors, because that’s not something we talk about much. Continue reading

The Past and Future of California’s Water

The 20th century dawned with both excitement and concern for the water future of California and the rapidly growing but arid American West. Gold fever was receding, urban populations were burgeoning, and tentative efforts at modern, irrigated agriculture were expanding. The articles in this Scientific American collection reveal beliefs common at the time: Any water flowing unused to the sea was wasted. Growth of the West could happen only through expansion of irrigated agriculture and a blossoming of the desert. And there was no water problem that American engineering could not solve. Continue reading

Facebook, Pinterest, Box Team Up on Women Mentorship Program


Facebook, Pinterest and Box announced a new pilot program on Wednesday that will provide one-on-one women mentorship to help them break into technical roles, and thrive in the industry. The program, called WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech), will have have female staffers from the three tech companies available to serve as mentors for those women who sign up. The pilot program will launch early next year (2015) in the Bay Area, San Francisco, CA, USA.

“WEST is designed to enable 1:1 mentorship for women in the early- to middle-stages of their technology careers,” according to its website. “We believe that by providing more direct support, advocacy and community development, we can help more women build rewarding careers in technology.”

To get started, please go to the WEST official website


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