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More Jobs from Renewal of Sugarcane Industry

Sugarcane production represents a promising source of biomass and source of thousands of jobs for Nigerians, the Minister of Trade and Investment in Nigeria, Dr Olusegun Aganga, has said. Speaking at Sunti sugarcane farms, Sunti, Niger State, Aganga said the government is reviving sugarcane crop to create jobs and increase local production of sugar cane as the economy still relies on imports. Continue reading

Agriculture vs Urban Water in China

In an increasingly volatile world, China’s economic growth has proved remarkably resilient. While the economies of Europe and America have stalled or nose-dived since the 2008 financial crash, China’s has continued to expand. The headlines are startling: since the early 1990s, GDP growth per capita has averaged 8.9%, and nearly 600 million people have been lifted out of poverty. Perhaps less well known is the fact that China’s growth was kick-started by investment in agriculture. This, in turn, catalysed growth in the wider rural economy and, as China’s rural inhabitants got richer, so they moved to growing towns and cities, building – literally – the skylines of Beijing, Shanghai and other megacities. Continue reading

Nigeria: ₦79.2 Billion Grant For Agriculture Projects

THE World Bank has approved a $495.3 million (about ₦79.2 billion) International Development Association (IDA) credit to aid agricultural produce in Nigeria. The bank in a statement to The Guardian, at the weekend, said the grant is aimed at improving farmers’ access to irrigation and drainage services, strengthen institutional arrangements for integrated water resources management and improve delivery of agricultural services in selected, large-scale public schemes in northern Nigeria. Continue reading

#DoAgric: AgrikExpo 2014

AGRIKEXPO 2014 is the Agricultural products/Agro allied industry expo in West Africa designed to create a B-2-B meeting platform between agri-business stakeholders/practitioners in West Africa and their overseas counterparts. In response to the fore warned food crisis in Sub Saharan Africa, governments in West Africa have focused very aggressively on the development of agricultural productivity for food security benefits. It is believed that a strategy of modernizing agricultural practices will lead to transformational benefits but access to sources of modern technology, inputs, investible capital and knowledge of modern breakthrough is required. Continue reading

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