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Apply for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you feel you have an innovative business idea that can change Africa? The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme application portal officially reopened today, January 1st 2016 and closes on March 1st, 2016. Entailing a multi-year programme of training, funding, and mentoring, designed to empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs from all over Africa are being encouraged to apply. Continue reading

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

I’ve just signed’s petition asking world leaders to prioritise support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Will you join me? Since 2002, the Global Fund has saved more than 17 million lives. No one should die from a preventable and treatable disease, no matter where they live. The Global Fund to fight AIDS etc is on a path to save 22 million lives by 2016 and can do even more, but it won’t happen without the funding it needs next year. Continue reading

#Africa2015 Agility Photo Competition


Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics, has launched a global photo competition that aims to highlight the success of emerging Africa and reflect its increasing progress. The story of today’s Africa (young, growing, urbanizing, and tech-savvy) needs to be told. This is why Agility wants to capture the hope, aspirations and confidence of a new generation of Africans and the continent that they are rapidly reshaping with #Africa2015. Continue reading

Strong Girl: I Stand #WithStrongGirls

Dear Adesoji Adegbulu,

I’ve got something really exciting to share with you. As a ONE member, today you can be one of the first people to hear a brand new musical collaboration that has united nine female artists from across Africa for an important cause that’s close to my heart.

‘Strong Girl’ is a new anthem that celebrates the power of girls and women to fight extreme poverty. I am joined by my superstar sisters Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Victoria Kimani (Kenya), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Arielle T (Gabon), Gabriela (Mozambique), Selmor Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe) and Judith Sephuma (South Africa) as well as an exciting new talent from South Africa, 14-year old Blessing.


Get a free download of ‘Strong Girl’ when you sign ONE’s petition and stand #WithStrongGirls. 1-click will add your name.

I already knew that girls and women are hit hardest by extreme poverty, and given fewer opportunities to work their way out. But it shocked me to learn just how difficult life is for women in the poorest parts of the poorest countries.

What gives me hope is the fact that when girls and women are given the chance to reach their full potential, they lift their families, communities and even countries out of poverty faster.

Whilst we were all together writing and recording the song, we talked about what it means to be a strong girl or woman in Africa today. And we realised that for all women to unlock the power we all have inside us, we need the support of others – our mothers and fathers, husbands and friends, fellow citizens and African leaders.

This song is a rallying cry for you to put pressure on your leader to invest in girls and women in the poorest countries in 2015, the African Union Year of Women’s Empowerment. The petition reads:


Dear African leaders,
This year we can commit to ending extreme poverty – but we will only achieve this if we unlock the full potential of millions of girls and women. I’m counting on you to take the necessary action that leads to real change.


Sign the petition and get a free download of ‘Strong Girl’ now.

Thank you,
Waje, singer and ONE member.


Malawi just did Something Totally Amazing

Big news: the country with the highest rate of child marriage in the world, Malawi, has taken a big step toward banning child marriage, with the parliament unanimously approving a bill to raise the legal age for marriage to 18 years. This proves that international and local campaigning works, which is why this is an important moment to congratulate Malawi on a huge step forward, and remind its leaders that the world expects this law to be fully enforced. Continue reading

Humanity vs Ebola: The Winning Strategies in a Terrifying War

“Ebola threatens everything that makes us human,” says Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization. With calm measure, he walks us through how the Ebola epidemic exploded — and how international alarm only fed the exponential growth of the problem. He shares four strategies critical to beating Ebola — and how they are succeeding, starting in Lofa County, Liberia, which was at the center of the outbreak but where no new case has been registered in weeks. The fight against Ebola is not won, he underscores, but if we do things right, we can look optimistically at our ability to fight back against epidemics. Continue reading

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