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So, you want to achieve your dreams but you still don’t know what to do. Or probably you are but you want to step it up a notch. Or maybe you just want to get more information you can use to strengthen your approach to achieving your dreams. I’m glad that you are here. I’ll show you what you can do

What you will find further below is a successful, and proven system you can start using today. This may sound too big. That’s because it is for those who want to change their world. However, I know everyone is unique in their own ways. Also, our purpose for a thing is most times different. So, I’ll ask you this, why do you want to build such a system?

You need to know your whys (reasons for wanting to do something). You should be able to write down about 25 different reasons. Knowing your why is very important in everything you do. Having talent, passion and working hard is not enough. I know you have talents, passions and you can work hard but you need to discover a strong purpose for all you do. Find a positive direction and be strategic with your talent, working hard, and passion.


Achieving Your Dreams

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Achieving your dreams is like building an empire. So, you must first count the cost. Building an empire is never an easy thing to do. In essence, building a system starts small with a lot of talent, passion, hard work, purpose, direction and strategies. If you cannot do this, my advice is don’t bother trying to build a system. The cost you need to finish what you have started is the strong reasons why you started in the first place.


The System for Achieving Your Dreams

1. S = Solution

What solution(s) can you offer? I’m not asking you to tell me what people told you to do. I’m asking you what you know you can do. Take a deep look into yourself and discover the solutions you can offer. What are you good at that you know people need? What are the things people appreciate about you?

2. Y = You

I know, you may be asking yourself now, “what solution can I offer?“. But do you know, you are your own limitation? So, you need to become self-aware and don’t limit yourself. Think about your career, hobbies, interest, those things you criticize etc. You don’t have to be an expert to know yourself. The essence of this is to be able to figure out your strengths and weaknesses that may either catapult you to or hinder you from achieving your dreams. When you do, then maximize your strengths and work on your weaknesses for achieving your dreams

3. S = Sell

You either sell or be sold. It’s a choice you have to make and act on. You may have solutions and you may have worked on yourself but if you don’t sell, those things won’t make the difference you are looking for. Everyone needs to know how to sell. This is an ability you need to cultivate. Be a seller. In simple terms, learn how to arouse people’s interest in using your solutions. This means you need to learn how to describe people’s problem which your solution will solve. Selling is an act of communicating your solutions and making a call to action for those who need your solutions.


Achieving Your Dreams

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4. T = Teach

You can’t create a system on what you can’t teach. Teaching others what you know is a confirmation that you know what you are doing. It gives you leverage as one of the authorities in the field your solution is active in. Don’t be afraid to teach. Teaching is beneficial for you and those who you teach. Teaching helps you to learn, unlearn and relearn. It helps you to grow. As this system is not a set-and-forget tool, teaching helps you to run the system constantly.

5. E = Empower

Don’t just teach. Make sure you empower. There is a big difference between teaching people how to fish and providing the right fishing tools they need to fish. Sometimes, you may also need to take some people to the river and show them how to catch their first fish. This would cost you hard work and time on your part but the benefits of process outweigh the cost. Imagine how much you can make in one process. You make money for teaching people how to fish; you make money for providing the best fishing tools; you make money for taking people to the river to catch their first fish. This is practical, proven and works. This is what building an empire (an extensive sphere of activity controlled by one person or group) looks like.

6. M = Money

Doing all the SYSTE will get you to the M. And when the M start flowing towards you, never forget the purpose and reasons why you started in the first place. Making money is not a guarantee that you will continue to make money. You need to continually make the system work for you and your business. You either keep evolving or the system will be outdated and money stops flowing towards you.

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