How a 9-year-old girl's wish Changed 37,770 lives

In 2011, nine-year-old Rachel Beckwith gave up her birthday gifts and asked her friends and family to donate to charity: water instead. She raised $220, and a month after her birthday, Rachel was suddenly killed in a tragic car accident.

Responding to Rachel's last wish, thousands of people around the world came together in support and donated more than $1.2 million in her honor.

Last week, we were able to share the results and full impact of Rachel's 9th Birthday Wish with the 31,997 people who donated in her honor. Today (12th June 2013) would have been Rachel's 11th birthday. To celebrate her memory, we wanted to share her impact with you, too.

Watch Rachel's Story


$ 1,265,823 - Was raised through Rachel's 9th birthday wish campaign.
37,770 - People have access to clean water because of Rachel's wish.
143 - Water projects were built because of Rachel's wish.
31,997 - Donations were made by people all around the world.


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